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My first personal blog entry

May 31st, 2009

Wll,today im writing my very first own blog entry.

Lets get to the past:…Click Read more… below that text to get the full entry

It was Oct 1st, when I noticed a little announcement on, where a new version and corresponding website. It was my very first time to get to


I couldn’t believe my eyes: A new Space shuttle sim, is coming out

My spacesim enthusiasm started back in 1998, when my dad bought the first Intel pentium with 75 Mhz!

I bought a sim called Apollo 18!

A review can be found here:;title;1

I played that game until Win XP, where it wasnt able to be played.

I then discovered “Orbiter” and the NASP Project site, but due to lack of tutorials and very unfriendly community members, soon left that alone

Then I bought ETI Space shuttle simulator. That ones was very bad in graphics and had nothing much to do with the real Shuttle


Next was There I found a very good freeware and a wonderful community there.  These were my very first steps into a real Spaceshuttle simulation. Final stop, to close the circle, I got to

I read alot on that site and soon thought, to support this outstanding product and community. On Dec 17th 2007, i was contacted by Admin to open a german board. And the rest is history 8)

My first mission took me many training sessions, and to get familiar with the RMS was very hard to me. But soon the game and it’s community took place in my heart. I cant imagine a life without SSM2007 anymore.

The more i played, the more i wanted to know about the Space-Shuttle technics and system. This was the point, where i met uri_ba the very first time, which i’m happy to call a real good fellow and friend by now. When he started the wiki, he asked me to help out. I did. It was the very first steps of SSM Fans Project. But this should be told by uri himself :P.

As projects and the community grew, there was a forum post by Admin on 31th December 2008, where he thanked those, who helped out the project.

I was lucky to be called “guru” and i wanna thank herewith all of the Groundcrew and especially Admin for his support and trust in me and my work.

All this made me think, how i could add my part to the SSM Community. I really thought a lot about it, and finally i contacted uri, to start this site.

I hope i didn’t miss the Blogs’ function and didn’t bother you too much. I hope that our Community will last very long, even longer than the real Space Shuttle Program.

The yesterday TCDT showed, how professional our members are and how much the sim and the community is beloved.

To get to an end, i thank all who supported me and trusted in me. I hope i was worth of it. I will do my best for the Community as long as it is alive. This is a promise

Now have a nice weekend

Hope to see you soon



Posted by Marvx

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