About the ingame Spash Screen

June 10th, 2011
The background picture is a key Image, and the message is delivers is very important, after all it is one of the first things the player will see after launching the game. In such image you need to think carefully about what you want to broadcast to the viewer. In our case I felt that player should feel the professional aspect of the product and see its dynamism. For this I chosen a Space Shuttle lift-off (there’s been another attempt with the shuttle in orbit) because this moment is one of the most best of a shuttle mission and all fans watch it every time (relayed on television). For this is one of the most critical moment of the mission and the more stressful.

The take-off picture start from bottom left and stretches to the top right and is what we call “the sense of reading” and this dynamic encourages the player to start the game and experience the same thing. Please note the contrast between the chosen colours, the Shuttle lift of in “hot colours” and the dark colour of the space. In addition, the “technical” graphics in the background show the professional side of the simulator. The realization of this image required a lot of work and I hope you enjoy every moment of playing the game. For me it was an incredible experience and I thank the team for selecting me.
As mentioned before, the background is not the only thing I’ve made, the Users Achievements screens and some forum banners are just a few more.

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