Space Shuttle Sim on the go

April 14th, 2013

It’s long overdue, And most of you probably know it already, But I just got a new IPad¬†and rediscovered the best game on IOS ūüôā

Few Years back,¬†F-Sim, a space shuttle landing simulator for IOS was introduced. It’s a very accurate, highly realistic Sim that allows you to take control over the final landing stages of the space shuttle Atlantis on a customized¬†environment.

You have a choice if to perform a full or just final approach into KSC or Edwards AFB, day and night. In addition you can control winds and visibility and you have a few choices of malfunctions around the shuttle.

What Makes this simulator so addictive and fun (compared to other IOS flight sims) is the ranking system. Because all approaches are¬†basically¬†the same, A basic “perfect landing” can be defined and each landing has a score based on how close you were to those conditions. a typical “Good” landing will be scored between 500,000 and 600,000 points, a “Perfect” landing will start from 800,000 and up. The current high score is over 1,100,000 points. (my personal best is shy over 1M – set on my IPod over a year ago) .

The new¬†version¬†2.8 released for IOS allows the replay to be recorded in 1080p, so I’ve attached a landing I’ve done. and let it speak for itself.

Thank you Sasha, for giving us this super fun game.

Available for IOS and Android.


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