About Us

This project, was born out of the community,

Three lonly Beta testers have given some thought about how things should look, and how the community could improve.


With the blessing and good wished of  the “Ground crew” (SSM development team), First came the wiki, followed by the TeamSpeak server. the months has passed and we have decided it’s time to put something other then Information out there. the SSM portal was born, the Joomla! based site was born May 2009. as Time passed by the site was neglected, and the Joomla! platform was hard to maintain. We’ve Opted to move all the content to the slicker WordPress, as the Portal was mainly blog oriented anyway. And here we are today, we hope, that in time, this blog would regain his status in the SSM community.

The blog is open to anyone of the community wishing to express his mind, and if anyone is interested, please contact the ssm-fans crew for info.



CthulhusMarvx and Uri_ba

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