Hi I’m Uri,

At 28 I’m the youngest, I’m a System administrator for a living and as a hobby as you can see 🙂

I’ve found SSM on 2008 by accident, and actually bought the game as a birthday present for myself. I’ve been running throght the missions sending long bug reports to the Developmnet team (Or ground crew as the call themselves). I guess they liked them, because soon after I was asked to Join the SSM2007 Beta team. During that period I’ve seen SSM shape in front of my eyes, sometimes directly at my inputs. That only to show how user oriented are these guys 🙂

I’m most known as “the guy that makes all the SSM video tutorials”. And I can’t wait for the minute I’ll have my hands on SSMS2. I wonder how those vids will turn out 🙂


all the Best,


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