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My thoughts after two years of SSM2007

January 21st, 2010

Hey everyone!

Considering, it been over two years of SSM2007, and the fact, that its been a long time since i’ve posted here, i wanted to share my thoughts on this project.

Since the launch of SSM2007 on Dec. 31st 2007 the Space Shuttle mission Simulator has come to MP 5.0 There have been numerous updates since then, including many suggestions by the Community, zillion of bugfixes and outrageous additions. In my mind, it’s just fair to leave a post here, to thank all of the Team around the SSM2007 simulator. What they do, the way they do and the way they are treating the community is outstanding, and in my mind unique! I don’t know any Community around the net, where the forum is that related, friendly and explainatory, than our all beloved SSM2007-Community. Its not usual the way things go on at this site, and i must really speend all my appreciation to the team. The effort that they give into the Simulator is outstanding, and everytime a new mission or Featurepack comes out, i am astonished, what they have done. It’s kinda like a miracle every time. Also the way the communicate with us, seems not to have any competetor in the world wide web.

When i installed the first BETA including the ARES 1-X mission, i thought to myself: “My god, what they have managed to create again?”. As Admin stated, that this is a hint about the things to come, i really must admit, that i never thought how far that project may come. Now that we are away a few months to the release of SSM 2010, i relly wonder, what is is, that makes the R&D team doin what they do. To give us the best supported, advanced and accurate Simulator in theSpace sector. They build a new, much more advanced Simulator, now. I myself cant really think of the things about to come. To get stickied, i must say, that especially the ARES 1-X-mission showed, with how much effort and love they build their stuff. All in all i just can say its always stunning again, watching ARES1-x lift off the launchpad.

Also that they offer all updates for free make me feel, to say thank you to all that are involved!

I just can speak for myself, but let me take the chance to SAY, that this team is the best, that i could work with, and when i think of the things i learnt in the last two years, then i really must say WOW. It’s always much fun plaing the sim, and it is the only game so far that enjoyed the the way SSM2007 does. So if anyone of you wants to join in pleasing that appreciation the the Groundcrew then let a comment left on the blog, to show them urs as well.  Beiing part of that wonderful community make me proud and also brought me to a higher level personally also.


Il come to the end now, summarzing my thoughts by wishing the R&D as much success for SSM2010, as they earned with SSM2007, and let us uphold the manners and stay with them, as long as they decice to devliver us what they do!

Thank you very much!



Posted by Marvx

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